“George King (Kevin’s grandfather – right) and his neighbour Robert Gorman in 1914 ‘maintaining the commons/statute labour’, Highway #5 (Dundas Street) Oakville in front of our farm.”

We are full time livestock farmers, husbands to the herds and flocks that we raise. We are stewards of the land and we have reverence for the life of the animals we raise and the people that they feed. We feed our animals organically and raise them naturally, which means to us, truly free-range.
We believe that raising our animals in a clean environment, as closely to nature as possible, feeding them organically and/or ancestrally and treating them with care and respect all contribute to the end result of great-tasting, nutritious, guilt-free, pure, and natural food.

We know that we bring great value to those consumers who believe in the same values as we do.

We welcome and encourage you to visit our farm in person and verify for yourselves what we do.

It would seem that Kingsholm Farms keeps running from urban sprawl and the general pollution that comes with it. We farmed from 1879 to 1969 in Oakville, Ontario, and when the expansion started there, we moved to Waterdown, Ontario and scaled down our operations. We were in Waterdown until 2006 when once again the town was closing in and we made a break for Central Ontario, Campbellford. Our farm in Campbellford has not changed much since the 1870s so we feel right at home here. Nobody here knows of when the last chemicals (if any) were used on this land, but we know for sure that no chemicals have been used for over 40 years.