Pasture Pork: 2021 Pricing

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Note: All our pork products are sold frozen and need to be cooked prior to serving. We sell only gluten-free products, including all of our artisan sausages. We use no additives or fillers. The cost of raising healthy pork and having the cuts prepared has increased to such a degree that we are no longer able to offer packages or bulk discounts. Members are able to reserve their orders up to the equivalent of half a pig but individual cut prices will apply.

Gluten-Free, Artisan Sausages

All-beef natural casing, whole ingredients (sourced locally when possible), and natural spices.

Each package includes 4 dinner-size sausages, weighing approx. 1.25 lb.

Farmer's (Salt & Pepper) $16.00/pack
Garlic Sausage $17.00/pack
Honey Garlic $18.00/pack
Hot Italian Sausages $18.00/pack

Each package includes 7 breakfast-size sausages, weighing approx. 0.83 lb.

Farmer's Breakfast $12.00/pack
Maple Breakfast $12.50/pack


Boneless Loin Roast $25.20/lb.
Bone-in Loin Roast $22.05/lb.
Tenderloin Roast $33.60/lb.
Butt Roast (think "pulled pork!") $21.00/lb.
Boneless Hot Smoked Ham $34.00/lb.
Pork Hock (unsmoked) $10.00/lb.
Pork Hock (smoked) $18.50/lb.


Butterfly (boneless)/Boneless Loin $25.25/lb.
Single or Double-Thick Loin (bone-in) $23.754.75
Single or Double-Thick Rib (bone-in) $23.50/lb. - The Prime Rib of Pork
Centre Cut - Single Thick $26.25/lb.
Tenderloin - Single Thick $23.50/lb.
Boneless Butt Chops $19.95/lb.

Pork Belly

(This is where Bacon comes from)

Unsliced $13.25/lb.
Sliced (side pork) $14.00/lb.
Makin' Bacon Spice $3.50

Traditional "Bacon", comes from the belly of the pig.  Since we are not able to find an abattoir who is able to brine and hot smoke our bacon without use of nitrates and nitrites, or even worse, natural extracts, we have chosen to leave our "bacon" unsmoked and uncured.

We have created a combination of organic smoked spices that we put on our sliced side pork to give it a sweet smokey flavour.  You can purchase this spice from us.

How to prepare -  Note that our slices are much thicker than regular bacon.  Approx. 6-8 slices per pound.  Just lay the slices flat on a rimmed cookie sheet, liberally shake on spice, bake at 350 for about 25 minutes, depending on how well cooked you like it. And Enjoy!


Back Ribs $29.70/lb.
Side Ribs $17.60/lb.

Lean Ground Pork

Per pound price $13.95/lb.

Organs, Bones, etc.

Pork Liver $2.50/lb.
Pork Heart $2.50/lb.
Pork Tongue $2.50/lb.
Pork Kidney $2.50/lb.
Pork Fat (unrendered) $2.50/lb.
Lard (rendered) 16 oz. container $9.00/tub

If you don't see a particular cut or you have any questions on our products, please contact us at We've developed recipes and cuts in conjunction with our abattoirs and our customers. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you!

Our meats are government inspected at two provincially certified abattoirs/butchers.