What It Means To Become A Member

Only members will be able to buy cuts of beef, pork and lamb
Only members will be able to pre-order and reserve your meat for the year
Members will have priority to purchase Kingsholm eggs

Or motto for members is “We hate disappointed customers”
We understand for new members that this may be foreign t you, it may be overwhelming and most probably confusing. Rest assured everyone who becomes a member will be consulted individually.

Why The Need For Membership?

The commitment to raise up livestock from birth to plate is a great thing for us farmers but . . . the weight of this commitment is crushing:
It takes 15 months from breeding to bring Lamb to you.
It takes 16 months from breeding to bring Pork to you.
It takes 45 months (minimum) to bring our Beef to you.
With lead times like these and continual increases in our input costs, we need commitments from our customers, it’s that simple.
Farming from birth to plate is one of the few businesses where many of our costs are committed to years ahead of being able to realize any income. This is the price of truly local and completely verifiable food.

How Will Membership Work?

The yearly Membership Fee is $60.00 Take the time to determine your meat requirements for Pork, Beef and Lamb for the year. Remember, don’t be overwhelmed, we are here to help.

Once you have determined what you think you need for this year, email your list to us and we will work with you to develop a personalized payment, pick-up/delivery schedule with you. There are many options to this so again, don’t be overwhelmed, we will work with you.

If you choose to simply buy cuts randomly throughout the year without a commitment to a large order, you can still indicate the type of cuts you like so we can try to have them available for you.